AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Web two-dot oh DATE: 10:10:00 AM ----- BODY:

Brea from Cleveland-based, introduced herself to me on the pub crawl and wanted to know all about Web 2.0 lingo.

Alexander, a long-time GABA member, is the business developer for city of Berlin and had a booth at the expo.

Hamish who joined us on the pub crawl, was looking for interviews to podcast for his social media advocacy station in England.

Sheryl the marcom consultant was looking for a white wine to trade her beer for and told me about her upcoming 10-day Buddhist retreat.

Dahlia, a long-time colleague in the German-American business community, told funny stories about the way expo attendees would react to the invest in Berlin booth.

Summer is a recruiter I met at the Leverage Software party, and told me at the booth crawl that she met her husband at a 1999 dot-com party.

Tim, one of my first GABA team recruits, has "found the right place" split between Oracle and his start-up.
Colette, Internet/Web coordinator for California Nurses Association, was looking for relevant session content, and a good beer.

Marc from Rochester is on a 7-month Intel sabbatical, and lost his way on the pub crawl.
... And many other stories of the Web 2.0 conference this week, a mid-size industry affair that was light on session content but heavy on expo fun, and did prove this area is the Web 2.0 center it claims to be.

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