AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Second GABA "Women in Business" event a success DATE: 6:21:00 AM ----- BODY:

The second GABA Women in Business event, held at Mindjet on Wednesday March 12th, doubled in attendance from our launch event in the fall. Attracting attorneys and accountants, students and C-level professionals, entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs (corporate innovators), one guy (who was there to represent his German boss), and the attention of local tech entrepreneur network Women 2.0. The women came from Berkeley, Santa Clara, Sausalito and Los Angeles; from their families and home businesses, corporate desks and a German language newspaper. And they want to do it again.

Bettina Jetter, Mindjet Co-Founder, offered insight and an in-depth account of her experience as a female entrepreneur, in Germany and in the US. Others shared their stories, discussed career moves, the glass ceiling, and new jobs.

Bravo for another excellent execution!

Time to plan the next one, for summer.

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