AUTHOR: linda TITLE: The angels of Heyday throw "All the Saints" book release party DATE: 12:29:00 PM ----- BODY:

Last night, Heyday Books celebrated the launch of "All the Saints of the City of the Angels" by J. Michael Walker in San Francisco.

Walking along colorful Capp Street in the Mission District to get to the Community Music Center set the stage perfectly to check out this artist’s homage to everyday Angelenos, in a grand gold-covered storybook about how contemporary life intersects and reflects our mythological past.

After stirring speeches from the author, and Heyday Publisher Malcolm Margolin, Francisco Herrera inspired the crowd to dancing and singing, while party goers got the chance to pose as a saint against a beautiful "All the Saints" backdrop.

The Angels of Heyday deserve praise for their tireless work to showcase the soul of our community, and thus connect enthusiasts like me to the fabrics of our humanity.

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