AUTHOR: linda TITLE: The ladies of GABA's Women in Business IG launch a series with an engaging event DATE: 8:54:00 PM ----- BODY:

Unsure of what the first of a new networking event series would bring to the seasoned set of international business industry groups, the ladies of GABA's Women in Business IG left the evening event aglow from the positive atmosphere of a small but earnest group of German and American female professionals, who gathered to discuss cultural and workplace differences, challenges, and continued connections.

The event was conceptualized and managed by GABA President Caroline Raynaud, visiting Gender Expertise Consultant Astrid Müller, GABA Chairwoman and Peritus Precision Translations, Inc. founder Dagmar Dolatschko, MaCS, Inc. VP US Operations Susanne Khawand, and me.

It was an enjoyable endeavor, one which captured the interest and spirit of the group, and which we've agreed to repeat.

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