AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Recently-Reviewed: Litquake, a moving though not earth-shaking adventure DATE: 12:29:00 PM ----- BODY:

I attended Litquake for the first time this year since engaging an evaluation of the SF-area lit scene, and it's pretty much what I thought it'd be: an organic array of authors and topics grown too big for it's pants, though some sincere pieces can be found in between the chaos of too much content, in too many different places.

The two events I witnessed are perfect examples of this dichotomy: the Feisty Femmes panel at Bubble Lounge on Friday night, and the somewhat infamous festival-concluding Lit Crawl. I liked the classy and busy-but-not-too-crowded situation of the Femme panel; while the hectic, overlapping phases of good stuff in the short sprints of the Lit Crawl left me unsatisfied.

If I do it again, I'd attend the opening night, maybe another mid-week panel, and for the Lit Crawl, pick one place out of the many, get there early and stay late.

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