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A month after attending the fourth annual YWC, it’s time to tell the story about the Yosemite Writers Conference.

It's an exclusive destination conference on book publishing, full of dynamic panels, literary illuminati, and eager authors, against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful places in the country.

It's about inspiration and information, sharing and teaching, timely topics, readings, and eating… but most of all, it’s about people.

There's been some noteworthy souls associated with my YWC experience:

To see more about this year's conference, check out ABC23’s Managing Editor Nick Belardes discuss the hot talk at the conference in “Is Book Publishing Dead?” the Sierra Star’s feature story on the conference, and conference emcee Rik Bollman's YWC photo album on Flickr.

But there’s one story I’ve neglected: mine.

The journey to the conference began in June of last year, when I was put in contact with Bonnie after a blind phone call to DNC to inquire after an ad about YWC they published in one of their newsletters. I told Bonnie about my passions and my ideas, and offered to volunteer publicity expertise in exchange for attending the conference. After attending an inspirational YWC in 2006, I resumed volunteer publicity activities in March of this year, sending out the press release, contacting each California Writers Club, posting the event listing to every online calendar I could find, spreading the word to friends, and creating a co-marketing arrangement with a local writing group and a women's radio network. And just before the conference, I created a colorful portrayal of the publicity conference activities within a mindmap, which I displayed on my personal and company blog.

And what does all this mean to my writing?

These conference experiences, along with Sunset Stories, various corporate communications, collages, SF Zine Fest, Ripe Fruit Writing, Litquake, scrapbooking, journaling, designing and networking... all works together as part of my Personal Narrative.

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