AUTHOR: linda TITLE: SFMarathon: Training Map DATE: 8:47:00 AM ----- BODY:
Nearly two weeks till race day, and between losing a week of training to a cold bug traveling through friends at camp over Fourth of July week, and departing today for a Yosemite hike, I'm back on track after a split-day 13-miler yesterday... up before 5 am for a 5-miler through GGPark and then straight out for a 7-miler to Ocean Beach right after work... was a tiring endeavor but convenient, and equitable to all 13 miles at once... caught both the rise and fall of the sun, with colors and light unlikely but welcome for SF summertime... and MindManager comes in handy for laying out everything related to the training schedule: race website, favorite gear, the course, and journaling the journey.