AUTHOR: linda TITLE: How to Macgyver a tent when you don't have the poles DATE: 6:49:00 AM ----- BODY:

THE SITUATION: It's inevitable... hundreds of miles from home, on a camping trip, after a long drive, in the dark and-- something important's been forgotten.

This weekend it was in Yosemite National Park, on Friday the 13th, at 10:00 pm... and-- no tent poles.

(Well... at least it wasn't cold out!)

THE SOLUTION: come up with a temporary fix, and think about what it takes to get that thing working... in this case, one (1) ball of tent rope from Crane Flat store, a pack of four (4) tent stakes, and the cork from the bottle of wine, finished last night thinking about the situation.

STEP 1: position the tent between two trees, and tie a really long length of rope to one, as far above your head as you can reach.
STEP 2: tie the cork inside the top of the tent to create something to wrap the rope around.

STEP 3: tie the rope around the cork, and to a second tree as far above your head as you can reach and as taut as possible.

This should create a tee-pee effect and enough of a space inside for the essentials.

(And don't forget to find those poles soon as you get home and put 'em in the tent for next time).