AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Union Street "Any Reason to be Intoxicated in Public During the Day" Festival DATE: 12:24:00 PM ----- BODY:

One of the last true street booze fests still standing in SF, the Union Street Festival this weekend was more quiet than usual because of the cold weather, but still attracted local hotties en mass: women in tight cotton tops and sparkly shoes, slick-looking men in loafers and pink shirts, party girls in neon wigs and roller blades, muscle-shirted barrels, a bizarre contingent of Asian girls sporting blonde mustaches, all manner of fried food and, of course, beer tents upon beer tents to corral the drunken animals. There were far fewer belligerent guys overall, but in the words of favorite Union Street Festival artist Anthony Hansen, the day went from quiet to intoxicated with no middle. Everyone musta been pre-partying at that rooftop party blasting Bon Jovi.