AUTHOR: linda TITLE: La Entrada Class of 2007 DATE: 10:48:00 AM ----- BODY:
The power went out on Wednesday afternoon just before the 8th grade graduation ceremony was scheduled at La Entrada in Menlo Park. But the soft-spoken principal assured us that if anything they've learned to be flexible, and the well-heeled families sat politely in rows of white plastic folding chairs on the basketball court outside in the sweltering sunset to watch their little Suzy's and Billy's all dressed up in suits and sundresses, saunter nervously into the next chapter of Life. The air thick with anticipation and cameras, enthusiastic claps after speeches about clouds with silver linings and one with a Bob Marley lyric, a "we are the best!" yelp from the Spirit Captain, and a few sound-off bells from the crowd, the small cluster of students was finally ushered down a plastic-ivy isle to hang out with doting moms and dads while the gymnasium waited for PG&E to hold their word so the dance could begin.