AUTHOR: linda TITLE: John, Milano's Pizzaria owner, made my sausage sandwich DATE: 11:34:00 AM ----- BODY:
After a long and busy (week)day, it's a treat to crawl over to one of the coziest spots in the neighborhood for some good 'ol comfort food hot from the oven... Sausage sandwich, meatball sandwich, on thick french bread, extra salad, root beer. Between a table of D&D nerds sucking down a pitcher of beer, two date tables and a exiting group of mousy girls, there was an older man taking a break from cooking in a chair, moping his forehead and spying on the customers. When he moved from his seat, I saw him in the pictures on the wall. Our half-wasted waitress confirmed, "oh that's John, the owner. He made your sandwiches." So I went over to John to shake his wiry hand, and listen to him smile and point out all the other places in the pictures on the wall where he appeared.