AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Dr. Kurtbay, inspired by Buddist Optometrists in "Visioning Tibet" DATE: 6:58:00 PM ----- BODY:

Dr. Kurtbay, the highly-rated Inner Sunset optometrist, makes small talk while wiping down the chin rests and readying the lenses in the small office.

"I saw an interesting documentary last night, about two San Francisco optometrists who travel to Tibet and give cataract surgery on the poor."

Except, this was more than small talk-- he went on and on about Dr. Lieberman, who practices Buddhism and travels through the tough Chinese border to deliver this help to the people, because he saw he could do it there, but not here. It appears Yunus Kurtbay was inspired. Though he was quick to say he couldn't make such a noble trek.

Anyway, I did the $33 retinal scan and they look good except one spot on the top right, that's been padded by extra pigment because the second layer is a little thin. Something to watch for in case of detachment, or it may just stay this way forever.