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Cynthia Ringo, Managing Director of VantagePoint Venture Partners, recounted her mother's inspiring words: "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right."

The middle-aged Georgian woman, with a curved, multi-directional lifepath blasted on the wall behind her, conversationally told a small group of graduate-school women (with a few brave men), the story of how she's succeeded professionally in a world of men, without the gender, or the engineering degree, or the MBA, expected to do so, during a keynote address on the fifth anniversary of this private school businesswomen conference in Palo Alto last Saturday.

She guessed that this success occurred as a result of her naivete about taking risk, but the Q&A period revealed a sad-but-true formula of businesswoman luck: supervisor-mentors and sacrifice of personal life.

Linda Alepin offered a more intuitive version of success, or, authentic path. She recounted taking the long way home after a particularly bad day at work and standing by a stream, envisioning women from around the world coming together to lead and empower themselves, and, three years later, the Global Women's Leadership Network came to fruition.

Eighteen other speakers addressed entrepreneurship, corporate finance, competitive advantage and marketing at this day-long gathering to support leadership in a changing world.