AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Saying goodbye to a decade DATE: 10:19:00 AM ----- BODY:
It's strange to think that today is the last day of this decade, and that tomorrow a new one will begin.

It certainly doesn't feel any different today (except that the weather is fabulous). The world hasn't changed, people and traffic and the city is same today as any day. Milestones haven't suddenly been met, or life purpose magically realized, I don't feel that significant rush of "idealism giving way to practicality."

The web is full of info about this transition: self-help, one guy's big lesson, what to expect, financial advice and countless blog accounts... according to everybody, there's supposed to be some moment of crisis, some moment of truth today-- but the slow evolution of life as usual isn't something to write home about.

I've already wished the ingenue flush of youth goodbye, I've already been seeking and finding wisdom and balance. And it's not downhill from here! Life hasn't just "begun;" it always has been.

But what the heck: let the celebrations begin!!