AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Met a MindManager enthusiast at a Future Fuels event DATE: 11:14:00 PM ----- BODY:
Since he was waiting for a cab that was already 20 minutes late, I took Ralf to the airport and learned that he'd diverted his trip to North Carolina in order to catch tonight's event about what's truly his passion: cleantech.

Ralf runs an innovation energy and automation group within the corporate Goliath Siemens out of Orange County, and told me that he's asked himself what software has to do with sustainability. He decided, it has a lot to do with sustainability. Like, during a visit to Conoco-Phillips in LA he learned that they'd rather employ a software t o alert when the old 1970's-era pipes will break, rather than replace them all with stainless steel.

And, told me that he can't live without MindManager-- and showed me handwritten notes from the meeting, drawn as a mindmap. Maybe he'll write to the Mindjet Blog, or provide contacts to others in the industry using MindManager in their passions and professions.