AUTHOR: linda TITLE: SFMarathon Training: Week 15 DATE: 4:33:00 PM ----- BODY:
Though it was a later start than last week, today's training run was pretty good. Early afternoon in Golden Gate Park is far different than morning-- more people out, more cars, various picnics full of party-goers, streamers, beats and kegger kick-ball. With the overcast skies, it could be any time of day. This was the same run as last week, with an extra mile to the bowling green at the end to make seven. About a third of the way to the ocean, sprinkles were hitting my windbreaker, stopping as quickly as it'd come. It was otherwise a quiet hour+10m. At the beach, I watched four sets of triangle kites kiss the sky in synchronicity. I sensed colors like silver and Kelly green, watching other runners and walkers pass me by. I felt relief to be out on the pavement, in the fresh air, breathing heavy, feeling the toxins escape through my sweat. Before long, I was back on Irving Street, to walk the four blocks back home.