AUTHOR: linda TITLE: SFMarathon Training: Week 14 DATE: 10:03:00 AM ----- BODY:
Dawn came quickly from the dark without fog to hold it in, and by the time I was getting in my car to drive to Crissy Field at 7 am the sun was already fully out. I knew the Presidio would be busy, and sure enough there were March of Dimes cones were out everywhere and droves of people in like-printed T-shirts arriving by car to the scene. It was like returning home, to this-- my old familiar training ground of SFRRC years, now a few years ago. I had a 6-8-10 mile run outline that I'd printed from the computer this morning. The starting followed each step carefully, but it soon the course became abridged for a restroom stop at the Toll Plaza, and an addition of a Ft Point out-and-back. I passed only a few random runners on the Bay Trail, some dog walkers enjoying the park, and several bike cavalries that zoomed dangerously by... but otherwise it was quiet and reminding me of the beauty of this precious place, circling back right on top of the water, diving between waving licorice brush, sidling monstrous eucalyptus trees, squinting into hazy sun, unmasking the glorious steel bridge and skyscrapers downtown in the distance. I figured if I arrive back to the car at about 8:20 the mileage would be about right, and it was.