AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Writers' ripening at Isis Oasis DATE: 5:45:00 PM ----- BODY:
These characters don't need the dark to come out, they came enlightened and ready to receive.

Nine women came to embark on a writing retreat, to ripen their perceptions, their emotions, their histories, to have soulful interactions with one another -- and more... over a rainy winter weekend in the wine country.

They came to purple-painted buildings with turquoise felt steps, with animal-print accents inside, and rainbow window stickers, and Egyptian figurines carefully placed by mirrors and near oblong windows; to a black swan and a white swan floating gracefully in the pond outside, near cages adorned by exotic birds and beautiful cat-like creatures -- all (un)covered by a mysterious mist.

They came from Palo Alto new mommy hood, Mountain View tech writing, San Jose public relations, San Francisco marketing, from story-physiology therapy, Los Angeles screenwriting, San Rafael 60-year celebrating, and Half Moon Bay art study.

Under the careful guidance of Leslie Kirk Campbell and her mentor, Loreon Vigne, the Arch Priestess of Isis, these nine gathered around a cozy fire to channel an ancestor, cook a potluck dinner, imagine their family trees, life landscapes, explore Body Tell, and lounge on leopard-skin pillows, while writing the stories of their lives.

Each has left this place a little more devoted to their personal living art project, and to returning Goddess energy to the world...

"Know thyself," She says, and we do.