AUTHOR: linda TITLE: A Thursday night cab ride DATE: 10:14:00 PM ----- BODY:
I was having a bad day when I climbed into the Yellow Cab. He took me from downtown to my street, a $15.90 ride (I noticed later he gave me too much change back). Irish, wearing a white cap over ruddy eyes. He took immediate notice of my three-drink attitude and tipsy laugh. Somehow we got on the topic of beer, and I suggested he go to that place I can never remember -- Amnesia -- where there's Belgian beer on tap. Then he offered me one of what he was drinking because he was so sure I'd like it-- Wittekerke, from a Trader Joes bag on the front seat. He asked me what I do, not for a living. I said, talk to good people; go outside; that sort of thing. That I like living in SF, because I get to meet good people, to which he agreed and went on about that sort of energy and inspiration which is so very attractive. When we got to the stop he gave me the Wittekerke as promised, and I asked him his name. He said he means to be published someday; thanks for the smile, Ed Graham!