AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Inside looking out DATE: 5:41:00 PM ----- BODY:
Nearly sunset.

The sun reflects off the ocean with a mild January shine onto this odd oasis of natural things in between the pavement and stone and tile and stucco nearby, painting a set of vertical stripes onto this wooden platform, this bench, those stairs.

The low roar of traffic below fades into a indiscernible white noise, where above at this throne bright succulents congregate quietly in cheerful clusters in the crevices and corners where nothing but that sun can reach.

Once-cheerful paint has been stripped from the bench where the disapproving weather and instruments led by fingers have important lessons and stories to tell.

A chorus of birds suddenly whistle in alternating octaves of questions and answers, breaking the sleepy drone of the late afternoon where this warm embrace will soon turn cold, and the echos of this open heart will stop.