AUTHOR: linda TITLE: All the way to the ocean DATE: 6:28:00 PM ----- BODY:
All the way to the ocean sounds like a long way, but it's actually only about 2.8 miles from here. It is, however, a journey to get there... especially on foot, at 45 degrees in the morning, and the longest run I've done in a long time.

Down Funston Avenue to Lincoln. Left at the corner, down several blocks to the busy 19th Avenue intersection. Look both ways twice before crossing this street, and then you're in the sanctuary of Golden Gate Park, where it's a easy sidewalk decline along lawns and lakes, congregated ducks and walking dogs and Tai Chi sessions preformed on sunny patches.

The ocean is a brilliant blue surprise, lapping up to the short shore only a few hundred feet from where my road curves around to meet the surfer's parking lot. I slow down to a delicious walk for this parallel to the water, craning my head to see this earth being ended by the sea, until I get to the Dutch windmill, the signal to re-enter the park and start on the nasty return. Uphill.
More greenery... and brownery... and peoplery... until my knees ache, my ankles burn and my face is thoroughly lashed. Finally, reaching the approach to 9th Avenue, and then --