AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Story about a Treasure Island wedding DATE: 7:37:00 AM ----- BODY:

The ballroom was packed with kind, smiling faces of every age and color, chatting and gathering to watch for the guests of honor. A decorated mariachi band stood at attention with tremendous golden instruments and voices, heightening the anticipation of the crowd to the rafters above. A deep microphoned voice suddenly bellowed for attention, and began to recite the names of the wedding party as they entered to be seated for dinner. A sea of dresses and suits rose from the rings of tables and chairs with hands clapping warm welcomes. Finally, the moment arrived for the bride and groom. Upon their entrance, the clapping got louder and faster, and excited whoops and hollers came from the crowd. We saw his beaming face and then her dress swung up in the air as he carried her to the dance floor. The music became even more glorious, while they danced around and around one another like beautiful spinning tops in a sea of flowers, the moment was punctuated by a single, slanted ray of sunlight breaking through the hanging clouds to shine directly on them.

More incredible occasion photos courtesy of Mr. Webbery.