AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Story about an Oakland wedding DATE: 7:36:00 PM ----- BODY:
Just like the bride, this wedding was as simple and pretty as she is... Married at sunset, surrounded by friends and family, at the trunk of a big tree.

She, blushing; he, gazing; bridal party, shifting; pastor, fumbling; kids; mumbling... but one soon forgot about all that and the highway traffic below, clicking heels on the clapboard floor, mis-hap with with the processional tune. It all came together, as things always do, for the Big Day. And we were proud to witness -- along with the other colorful crowd of guests -- our friends, who are, as it turns out, as authentic and romantic as the
namesake of the center where they wed.

And Mr. Webbery himself chronicled the event. Along with the Eldos crew, and the beer I adore.