AUTHOR: linda TITLE: My career as a writer DATE: 2:49:00 PM ----- BODY:
Since getting involved with the Yosemite Writer's Conference earlier this year, WRITING has been hitting me over the head to get noticed. It's not just a hobby, anymore. No: it's an art. My art. It's an outlet. It's a child... who needs time and fun and discipline (yes, I am a recovering Artist's Way-er). Writing can be colorful and sparkly, it can be short and sweet, it can be long and sour. I'm super jazzed about this zine-thing where I can dress up my writing on cool paper and use stickers and stuff.

So, I guess it's not as hard as I thought it'd be, to write. Here's this blog I made up, a character in itself, a playground for the Artist's Goal I birthed from the culmination of Cameron's intense workshop/therapy session. Yikes! It's writing and it's alll it should be -- art, colorful, short, long. I'm working on the sparkly part.

But, it has been on hiatus for two weeks because of this cold virus that got the better of me... until I ran into the San Francisco Lit Festival online this morning. All kinds of cool writing-stuff going on! I may check out some local writers at the SF Library this Saturday, or a Porchlight storytelling team on Monday in the Castro. Too bad the Your Career as a Writer workshop at the Foundation Center is full. I'm feeling the need for group therapy with other struggling artist-writers.

Ok, back to work.