AUTHOR: linda TITLE: Yee-haw! Welcome to my adventures. DATE: 4:50:00 PM ----- BODY:

These are the Sunset Stories -- about the characters that come out after dark.

These stories begins with a Wild West Adventure. Leaving the fog of San Francisco far behind, a brief stop in sprawling Sacramento to Bridgeport, Calif., for a tour of the ghost town Bodie... Then traveling down the raw and beautiful Highway 395 to Lone Pine, Calif., "in the shadow of Mount Whitney" to visit family and do some heavy breathing on the Eastern Sierra trails... From there, plogged through the hellish Death Valley in 120 degrees... And, onto sin city itself, Las Vegas, to live it up for two days with the zing and the bling here... From here it's either Grand Canyon or straight to Zion National Park... How I love the open roads.