AUTHOR: linda TITLE: North vs. South DATE: 8:46:00 PM ----- BODY:

Eldorado is one of my favorite characters. He has timing and heart and humor, and loves good company and beer as much as me. He is the longest friend I've had, and we've shared many an adventure. He is master of spontaneity, master of ceremony, and people love him. So when he called to say he'd landed in SF for a random Tuesday adventure, we did what we do best: tasty beer. At Eldos.

Rex, Civic, and even Orchid were on hand for this fine occasion. Beer! Around 8pm, free of dull responsibilities, we settled in around two rectangle tables shoved together, under soft spotlights, at the foot of the bar-alter, light from TVs sporting silent athletics shining on our faces. The place is long and dark often deserted, and as comfy and friendly as my livingroom. Near the door hangs a modest chalkboard with a flowery-pastel list of ales: Arboretum Amber, Pollywog Porter, Parnassus Pale Ale, mighty IPA, Sabrina's Sexy Sangria. The staff can dress in anything black. They're like family; we visit twice or thrice a week to catch up, relax and indulge in what we love most. Beer!

An Amber for Rex, IPAs for the rest of us. Chips 'n salsa, celery 'n wings, burgers 'n fries. House music, weather, work, school. And North versus South. Yes! I love to hear this topic come up. Each individual take on it. NoCal. SoCal. Cali. Frisco. LaLa land. Nevermind that we're on the same coast, in the same state. South is jealous of North because it's better. North is the one that's competitive -- South doesn't care. South is where the industry is, and characters from PAs to producers, while the North sports everything from techie geeks to winery snobs, beach to mountain access, in scenic, compact, hour-long drives.

Eldorado lives in LA, but he's not an LA guy. He loves it here... and on that we can ALL agree.